"that's hot" - paris hilton

fashion design by cartier dior

dress made from pool supplies on s2e2 of project runway junior. modeled by karina villa.

jumpsuit made from satin, chiffon, and holiday décor. modeled by makyley laurence. photo by tara tracy.

dress made from sheet music. modeled by ashton christensen. photo by craig lamere.

dress made from neoprene on s2e6 of project runway junior. modeled by my amazing client rossemary!

dress made from party supplies and power mesh. modeled by suprise! me again. photo by hailey michelle kelso.

dress made from a textured knit. modeled by caitlyn greenburg. photo by tawny horton.

dress made from holiday décor and sequined fabric. modeled by zion bailey kay. photo by david bobby.

dress made from holiday décor. modeled by mckenzie brotherson. photo by tawny horton.

dress made from magazines and wrapping paper. modeled by hayle mcclure.

dress made from duct tape. modeled by me! photo by my ex boyfriend's mom. duct tape didn't even make a me a finalist for this contest and honestly im still salty because i was very sweaty the whole night for nothing lmao